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Tackling real-world problems makes learning more tangible, relevant and meaningful.

Real-world examples provide concrete applications of knowledge and skills learned in the classroom, illustrate their relevance, and encourage students to be aware of the choices they make and how they fit into a greater societal context. Real-world examples demonstrate the complexity and unpredictability of on-the-job challenges and thus stimulate critical thinking.  They also highlight the need for an inter- and multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving and encourage students to think about solutions, rather than focusing only on problems.

Students can find themselves in a math class as they design the car or building of the future. They can find themselves in a science class as they formulate a substitute for aspirin. If the week’s lessons focus on the study of triangles, students might discover their importance in the design and manufacture of a skateboard or a hang glider. At the beginning of each school week a video is shown indicating the topic students will be working on while a daily short video focuses on the specific task at hand for the day. IConnect connects the dots between the study of triangles and their practical applications. This is called connected learning.

What is ArtsConnect ?

  • An initiative supplementing core curricula and allowing individual teachers to meet their classroom and individual student needs in new ways.
  • An initiative offering all content free of charge to all education stakeholders, from local public school districts and charter or private schools to juvenile facilities and community-based or informal education partners.
  • An initiative promoting creative and critical thinking by helping students connect real-world experiences and academic subjects.
  • An initiative featuring new technology: ArtsConnect operates by means of proprietary, easy-to-use, push-button, drop-down templates augmenting Google Classroom software to deliver a universal experience in any school or educational setting anywhere.
  • An initiative designed by teachers for teachers: materials designed by master teachers help neophyte teachers perform like veterans.
  • An initiative facilitating mental connection: ArtsConnect links the concepts studied in CORE and state standard classes with real-world occupations and industry to show how math has valuable applications, how science is more than a jumble of experiments and theories, how a command of English can exert an impact that transcends mere words on a page and how fine art exalts the essence of human existence.
  • An initiative featuring enriched, interactive, multimedia productions which serve as virtual field trips and augment teaching materials.
  • An initiative introducing art and design connections into CORE academic subjects so as to foster the spirit of creativity and innovation.

How does ArtsConnect benefit teachers?

  • With easy-to-use, push-button technology
  • By augmenting Google Classroom
  • By saving teachers valuable time
  • By providing viable, high-quality, alternative instructional materials
  • By improving student interaction and engagement
  • By improving teacher assessment, evaluation, and feedback
  • By supplying readily amendable, reproducible, printable, or online-accessible materials

How does ArtsConnect benefit students?

  • Students become enlightened and excited about learning
  • Students discover new paths of self-expression and new modes through which to productively channel their passions and emotions and explore new ideas
  • By encouraging collaboration, partnership, and teamwork
  • By enhancing understanding of the world along with broadened perspective
  • By stimulating critical thinking, focus, and imagination
  • By bolstering increased graduation and college acceptance rates

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