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Education, a Celebration of Life and Promise for the Future

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The primary responsibility of educators is to prepare children for the future; therefore, education must meet their needs first. Current learning systems are built on preparing students for typical workforce options or standard college admission. But, in this Post-Industrial Age and era of high technology, a learning system based on solid skill development and a welcoming attitude towards innovation can best lead the way for the future success of our young people. Arts Connect is a learning platform that supports educators by imparting knowledge that is driven by skill-building needs, competencies, and opportunities outstripping the standardized, one-size-fits-all mold which has traditionally confined teaching. Arts Connect sets in place a system that explores the potential in each child and helps the individual pupil to discover his or her own place in a complex and rapidly evolving world.

Education must be a celebration of life, a joyful exploration of individual potential, and a revelation of what can be achieved, discovered and created. It should be filled with awe and wonder and give rein to teachers passionate about their calling. The classroom should be filled with joy and laughter, should be a place where kids are relaxed and want to learn because teachers are relaxed and love teaching. Arts Connect speaks to the reality that education is the most powerful gift society can bestow upon its young people!


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